A Sustainable mission

environmental responsibility

With both a passion for what I do, and a passion for the good earth we share, I implore a daily ritual of responsibility to our land and waterways through a practice that is unmatched by others. No solvents or solvent-based products will be used on a job site unless absolutely necessary to save time and money. In the event solvent based paints are used, they are only applied by brush and roll and NEVER sprayed. All solvents used for cleaning equipment are recovered and securely packaged for use another day. When possible, solvents NEVER leave the work vehicles and are never dumped into the ground soil. Next time you interview a contractor, ask them what they do with clean up products and solvents.
If I told you I was installing foam outlet seals after painting a room to help prevent air leakage into and out of the room, would you consider this odd?  This provides you with better air quality by blocking “wall air” and outdoor air and moisture from entering the home. It also helps keep insects out. This was done a long time ago and these practices are coming back into use.
Using interior paints that are lighter in color and reflective natural light, can allow you to use bulbs with lower wattage. This allows your home to be cooler and use less electricity for lighting and cooling.
Wall paints with Eggshell and Satin finishes are also more durable and washable without burnishing.
Try faux painting before using wallpaper. If you don’t like the faux, it disappears in 2 coats of paint.
Exterior Paints: On a 2,000 square foot home, if you use a paint that is mold and mildew resistant for up to 5 years with a 15 year durability guarantee, not only will it probably outlast your occupancy of the home but the additional cost of the product is only $150 for 15 gallons of paint. The benefit: you would save at least $500-$600 in labor over the next 5 years from cleaning off the mold and mildew, plus the cost of poor air quality in your home because of the mold spores growing around windows and doors.
This is our planet. What we do with it is passed on for generations to come.  With foresight and planning, we can preserve what we have for future generations to enjoy.
Help preserve and protect our planet. Hire an NAHB-Certified Green Professional for your next renovation project. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but the benefits are immeasurable.