Get to know us.

In 1969, my father placed a paint roller in my hand. Since then, I've brought a lifetime of passion and remodelling experience to the home improvement industry. In 1995, I founded Lowcountry Finishes. My name is David Cook and here is a little bit about myself and my company.



Lowcountry Finishes is a family-owned business run by myself and my wife, Susana. We both work very hard to have each client experience custom-tailored by listening to their needs and determining the best way to meet and exceed their expectations. At Lowcountry Finishes, we know that many people are intimidated or overwhelmed by the thought of remodelling a home. Most of the time people don't know where to begin. We are committed to providing answers to all of  your concerns and offering  fair value pricing on exceptional work. We strive for our jobs to be completed in the time frame promised and to keep your families needs in mind throughout the process.
We pride ourselves on individual service which allows you to work with a single trusted source for every detail of your home's remodel – from the initial consultation to your approval of the final design to the finished project. Whether you want to update a single living area or have decided to completely transform your entire home, you can be rest assured that with our experience, your project will be as seamless as possible, respecting your personal schedule and budget. Our goal is to bring your vision to life and deliver you the home of your dreams to your complete satisfaction.


Going green

leading the industry

Lowcountry Finishes is one of the first “Green” painting contractors in South Carolina. No VOC and low VOC paints are used as much as possible and no solvents leave our work vehicles. Approximately 3,000 gallons of solvents were sold last year on Hilton Head Island. Where did it all go once it was used?
Since 2003, I have been an industry leader in the use of no VOC and low VOC Paints. Daily safe work practices are used to protect our community and customers from unnecessary health problems. We care about our clients and their families. We are mindful of how they are impacted by products during a project, as well as, after it’s been completed.

Our Promise

Call me to discuss your project after you get all of your pricing from other contractors. I will help you review the project; to ensure quality and offer you a lower labor price* than any bid we review together. I may also suggest products which will be more durable for only a minimal increase in cost.
*Licensing verification is required to validate bid and offer savings against competitive bids.